Assessment Driven Engagements

Assessment Driven Engagements

Our proven methodology around customer engagements consists of a three step process: identifying the problem, defining the solution, and creating the results. Our road map for success allows a clear definition of the approach, tools and skill sets required for each and every project. We create sustainable, customizable solutions that change per customer needs. We are known for our ability to provide cost effective, on-time solutions time and time again.

EBI Governance Strategy

If you have a BI solution in place, you will likely face challenges from limitations of existing tools, a wide range of end-users, and increasing inconsistency that encourages redundancy, which will ultimately result in poor decision-making. We have the EBI governance and project management experience to help resolve these issues.

Project Management

Defining a project, keeping it on time and within scope is not as easy as it may seem. From the initial discovery and analysis, the requirements definition, scope, time line, resources, to the final project plan, we provide the skills and experience to help you successfully implement your projects.

Data Visualization

In all organizations, gleaning answers from pertinent data addresses business questions, no matter if the data is 'big data' or small. We specialize in building the data environment over the source data to provide easy viewing of the data at all levels. Our ability to aggregate data to provide visual analysis, combined with the ability to 'drill-down' deeper, gives the customer the ability to see trends and drill down to see the who, what, and where that address the business questions at-hand. The net effect is that the customer can speed up the analysis cycle, in turn spending less time on the plumbing and more time on the analysis. Having access to all of your data needs is critical; however, we believe that the data should also tell a story.

Data Management

Data management goes beyond the ability to use the latest and greatest ETL tool to pull data from a source system. Our expertise in handling complex data management tasks utilizes our extensive background and years of experience with building the processes to extract source data, cleanse, transform and load into target data objects. We understand the process is as important as the execution. We utilize data management practices to deliver robust solutions that allow for modifications as the business changes. We deliver repeatable, modifiable processes written in standard constructs that enable the customer to maintain the data platform long after the project has been delivered.

Analytics & Workflow Presentation

Every organization generates data on a continual basis. Analysis of that data is key to producing the answers to business questions, but it is only half of the equation. For everything beyond one-off, ad-hoc problems, it is just as important to create a repeatable, systematic process to utilize the analytic solution. Our process takes into account the existing environment, our analysis of the core problem, and incorporates our proven solution. We leave the customer with the physical artifacts of the project, including a fully-detailed end-to-end work flow.

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